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 A place for corporate and regional headquarters


 Conquer the world from your Luxembourg headquarter 

Why luxembourg?

  Just arrived


 Luxembourg in Figures


A competitive business environmentLuxembourg,

 Your prime business location


A knowledge-based innovation economy

 FOCUS magazine : A thriving space industry 


A next generation logistics hub

 Logistics Hub Luxembourg, Putting Europe at your fingertips


An automotive specialist

 FOCUS magazine : Automotive components made in Luxembourg 


 Luxembourg, The automotive specialist


An e-commerce pioneer

 FOCUS magazine : Leading the way in ICT security

 Luxembourg, Your European eBusiness Platform


An intellectual property master

 Luxembourg, an attractive IP destination


Health technologies

 FOCUS magazine: High hopes for health


Eco technologies 

 FOCUS magazine: Environmental innovators hit the spotlight


Tailor-made shipping business

 Luxembourg, an alternative location for shipping business