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Respiratory infection (Covid-19): Advice to travellers from China

Published Tuesday February 25 2020

Given the course of the respiratory infection, the Ministry of Health urges travellers coming/returning from China (Hubei province excluded) AND develop fever, cough or have difficulty breathing within 14 days of their return:

  • to stay at home and avoid contact with other people;
  • to call immediately the Health Inspection department (+352 2478 5650) or the 112 outside office hours and mention your recent stay in China;
  • to not go to an emergency department in a hospital, a medical home or to their general practitioner.


The Health Inspection department will guide you to the appropriate medical facility. In any case, make sure to mention your recent stay in China at the reception desk.


In general, the Luxembourg competent authorities recommend all travellers arriving from China:

  • to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly;
  • to watch for symptoms reminiscent of a respiratory infection (fever, cough, breathing difficulties).


Please be advised that in the absence of symptoms, no quarantine is enforced by the national authorities for travellers arriving from China (Wuhan and Hubei province excluded) upon arrival on the territory of Luxembourg.

That being said, travellers should reach out to their employers, in case company policies do advise them to proceed to a voluntary “self-quarantine” period.


All procedures in place as well as recommendations for travellers arriving from or going to China can be found at the Health portal , which is updated regularly in the light of the disease evolution on a global scale.