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Luxembourg launches Supercomputing Project

Published Monday September 19 2016

On September 12th, Luxembourg Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Etienne Schneider, announced that Luxembourg will take in charge the project of a European Supercomputer.
This project was discussed on day earlier, on September 11th , with EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger and Étienne Schneider: both argue that the EU has to join forces to provide for the supercomputing and data facilities Europe needs. On a global level, Europe is falling behind in both high performance computing (HPC) and Big data. Only one European supercomputing facility ranks among the world top 10 supercomputers, whereas China holds the first position and the U.S. hosts 5 of the top 10 facilities. There is an increasing recognition of the strategic security and economic impact of HPC enabled applications.
LTIO-Shanghai NEWS 9/2016
The Luxembourg government has already shown how this could work in practice and launched the “Important Project of Common European Interest” (IPCEI) on HPC and Big Data Enabled Applications, together with France, Italy and Spain. This project intends to develop a number of real-time integrative HPC applications towards a “Smart Nation”, appropriate to the Luxembourg and European context and environment. This topic will serve initiatives like FinTech, Smart Space, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart Water, Smart City, Smart Agriculture or Manufacturing 4.0.